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Supporting your skating coach, figure skater and family goals is the primary objective of Outlier Athletics. The United States Figure Skating Association (USFS) and its partner organization the Professional Skating Association (PSA) has a well-structured program of continuing education and testing designed to identify coaches, trainers, and individuals committed to the betterment of the sport. Michael Lengyel is identified as a Category-A coach in good standing. He has completed the continuing education, insurance, and skill development necessary to meet this standard. This classification means that Michael can attend competitions and be at the boards while your children take their time on the ice.

Michael provides hands on support at competitions, Judges reviews, and team meetings to help athletes  learn what is needed to improve their skill set.

OA’s Gym On The Hill has a specialized stretching room with ballet bar mats and space to practice off-ice jumps. A Trampoline to practice rotations and a complete fitness studio to develop strength, cardio, balance and agility.

As a specialty Outlier Athletics offers training designed to meet the rigorous standards of the USFSA Stars Program of which Michael Lengyel has been a tester for the past 8 years.

Ice Hockey aficionados can also develop their abilities by working at OA’s Gym On The Hill developing skills and technical proficiency in strength, power, agility, and cardiac capacity. If your son or daughter is trying to rise levels or just getting into the sport, exposure to intense disciplined fitness will improve the likelihood of their reaching their goals.

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