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Has your son or daughter topped out or slowed in their progression through the dance levels in ballet or modern dance? Well Outlier Athletics (OA) has experience working with children like yours to improve and promote advancement within their dance specialty.

How you say? General fitness and physical milestones are often missed because of a lack of familiarity typically associated with play. Dance and the dramatic arts demand time and focus. Sometimes a person needs additional support to  assimilate the required skills. Simple activities such as sit-ups, push-ups, balance drills, stretches, ball throwing even rope climbing provide the diverse skill set and confidence necessary meet the needs of dance and dramatic arts where it’s essential to take chances and become more expressive. OA’s dramatic arts and dance students become more successful after just a few months of work.

A special note regarding dance. The demands of dance are both rigorous and time sensitive. Coaches and teachers work hard and fast to have your child learn skills that mastery of will be used to select who advances and who will not. This type of competitive environment can be grueling. OA works with children at all levels of physical development to help master the required skill sets and stand out. It is very rewarding to see the look on a child’s face when they advance to a higher level or reach new heights after having felt stuck because they were not getting it.

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